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Solvent Extraction Plant

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Flakes nom the preparation section are fed into an Extractor with stainless steel belt. Level in hopper is controlled through an ultrasonic level controller which regulates the speed of the extractor.

Miscella is filtered through special wedge wire filters. Distillation comprises of a series of heat exchangers for heat recovery and evaporation of hexane.


The oil is finally stripped in a special stripper operating under low vacuum. Series of specially designed condensers in tubes of stainless steel are used for condensing the hexane vapors for recirculation.

The vent gases are specially scrubbed with mineral oil before Discharge into the atmosphere. The hexane content of the gases leaving the system are well below the lower explosion limits. The solvent wet meal is fed through a vapor tight conveyor into Desolventiser Toaster equipped with special level controllers.

Here the meal is desolventised in a series of stages and subsequently toasted to remove the antinutritional factors. The meal is subsequently dried and cooled for bagging.