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Rice Milling

When rice is harvested it has a non-edible husk or hull surrounding the kernel. At the rice mill, all stalks and other foreign material are removed from the rough rice by a variety of specialized machinery

1. Cleaning

Removes the impurities such as such as hey, stone, tree stump, from the paddy.

2. Hulling

Brown rice is separated from the husks though ventilation process.

3. Milling

Milling removes the bran layer from brown rice.The modern multi-break, vertical whiteners use both abrasion and friction to gently and efficiently convert brown rice to milled white kernels. The bran layer is by air ventilation, which sucks in the brand layer process usually takes 2 to 3 cycles, depending on the required milling degree.

4. Polishing

Smoothing and brightening a surface of rice grain by a roll or series of rolls.

5. Grading

Separates milled rice (mixture of different sizes: Whole grain, head rice, and broken rice) by a sieve grader include several sizing techniques.

6. Sorting

Removes rice defects, such as discolorations, yellows, immatures (green), chalky, peck, seeds, red rice, glass, stones.

7. Pack/Storage

The finished rice will be packed and stored in individual bads, according to its grade, and the rice is ready for delivery to customers.