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Mineral Water/ Packaged Drinking Water

Water is the necessity of our daily life, it's so important for us that we need clean, safe and sanitary water every day, and usually there's a more strict inspection standard in the more advanced country.

Mineral water comes from natural springs. It contains a lot of various kinds of chemical goods such as potassium, magnesium and calcium, which are healthy to our body. After the water is filtered and sterilized properly, it's our first choice to use it. However, the shortcoming is that the source of mineral water is limited.

Description of Machinery : The whole processing and packing system is sanitary, safe and durable with fine appearance. The treated water is free from any kinds of bacteria (including E. colitis). The required equipments are as follows:

No Term Quantity
1 Source Water Reservoir System 1
2 Quartz Sand Filtration System 1
3 Activated Carbon Filtration 1
4 Na+ System 1
5 Salt Tank 1
6 Pure Sanitary Grade Water Reservoir 1
7 1.45 ,1 Filtration 1
8 UV Sterilization 1
9 0.2 Filtration 1
10 Ozone Producing Equipment 1
11 Convey System, CIP Piping & Electric of Control System 1

Mineral water production capacity can be reached to 20Tons/HR, the packaging specifications of the machinery are as follows:

  • Low Speed : 120BPM/600m
  • Medium Speed : 150-~300BPM/600m