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Business Development Plan Objective

  • Support the New Business by providing high quality Top Management inputs in the initial period
  • Create and Implement good operating systems early in business for solid foundation of business
  • Develop Organogram, reporting structure and assist in getting key manpower
  • Raw Material, Chemicals & Pacakaging materials procurement, Inventory management systems to have optimum cost
  • Control over processing cost, conversion factors resulting in optimum cost of production
  • Factory management system including log sheets, process controls, trouble shooting
  • Develop and execute a marketing strategy to ensure market penetration and capacity utilisation
  • MIS and financial reporting to be laid to provide an in-depth but concise picture to Owners
  • Product, Process, & Packaging Innovations
  • KRA's for Management staff

Together with the Owners of business, Synergy will identify the critical areas of assistance
Synergy will provide services of Management Expert and Technical Expert

Management Expert

Where multiple businesses are managed by a indivual owner, Synergy will provide services of Management expert for about 3 to 4 months at business location, and then follow up for 8-9 months.

Where owners are able to provide full time top management from start, Synergy Management expert would bring in focus on key success areas in short time, and then follow up and advise based on monthly reports for about a year

Technical Expert

Similarly - depending on the situation on ground, Synergy can provide a technial expert when ever required or a few days; but the expert will continue to follow up and advise for about a year based on monthly reports sent to him CVs of the experts can be provided on request

  • SWOT analysis of the organisation to be carried out jointly by Owners and Synergy team
  • Identifying the inputs necessary from Management Expert and Technical Expert
  • Involment of experts will start about a month before they arrive at Business location.
  • Owners need to identify co-ordinators for Management & Technical - responsible for information inputs, actions & follow up.
  • Once an agreement has reached on initiating the program, Owners will identify co-ordinators (Management and Technical) who will provide information and take actions suggested on business activities
  • While Management Expert during their stay will focus on key areas desired by the Owners, attention will be paid to all areas of business to ensure a robust business model is in place
  • Similarly while Technical Expert will definitely attend the key trouble areas in factory, he will also attend to all possible functions within the factory to reach seamless production function
  • The business team deployed by Owners will continue to send monthly or periodic reports to Experts who will suggect corrective actions. Where absolutely necessary, further visits can be undertaken.
  • Growing business established
  • Robust factory management systems
  • Operational controls aimed at efficiency, cost control and result oriented
  • Profitable Business